But I want it now!!

It will have taken you many years to create the body that you are currently living in.  Realistically, it will take months or years to create a new body and a new way of living.  I know, I know, you want the results NOW.  Well, that then leads back to those diets that are restrictive, make you feel deprived (see the post on Dieting) and that you end up breaking…. And usually putting on more weight than you lost.

So here is a different method.  It does not involve pain, deprivation or doing anything that you don’t want to do.  You get to decide.  You get to eat your favourite foods.  You don’t have to feel hungry.  You can set your own pace.  You can still eat out with friends.  Yes, you can still eat chocolate.  In fact, there is a blog post coming devoted to just that!

Weight loss – is it really so difficult?

Weight loss is a complex and difficult task.  It is made more so by the current waves of diets that sweep the market.  This blog is an alternative to those diets and methodologies.  It takes the best from each and allows every one of us to work out for ourselves what we like to eat, when we like to eat and how to work with our bodies to lose weight.

All of us want to be slim and attractive.  We all want to look our best.  But not many of us want to go the rest of our lives without eating birthday cake.  And even fewer of us really look forward to weeks of dieting, and existing on tasteless and unsatisfying meals that leave us hungry and irritable.

The simple idea here is if you engage in a program that actually suits you, and that doesn’t force you to eat foods that you don’t like at times when you’re not hungry, well, there is no reason why you couldn’t do it forever.  And that means that the weight stays off for good.

If you can lose weight while still eating chocolate, then losing weight doesn’t seem so punishing.  And if you can keep the kilos off for good, that’s even better.

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